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Why Wood?

Wood is healthy. Wood does not attract dust, it acts as a kind of humidity regulator by absorbing and releasing the humidity in the space. Wood provides higher thermal insulation than alternative materials, thanks to its air-filled cells that prevent the transfer of heat. Wood needs almost twice as much heat energy as stone and concrete and three times more than steel.

Wood is economical. Although the life of wood as a construction material is predicted to be 80 to 100 years, many wooden buildings from old times show that this period can be exceeded. Prejudices that wood requires frequent maintenance stem from outdated paint technologies.

Wood is also superior in sound insulation. Sound insulation is based on the mass of the surface. Wood is ideal for sound absorption. Wood absorbs echo and noise. So it is mostly used in concert halls. The speed of sound transmission is faster in wood than in gases and liquids and very close to the speed of sound transmission in metals. The loss of sound energy caused by friction is also significantly lower in wood in relation to its lightness and structure. Due to similar properties, wood is mostly used in musical instruments. Wood is environmentally friendly.

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